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What is Cardio Physical Therapy ?

Quite simply this is therapy for your heart 

Your heart is a muscle that requires the proper exercise and nutrition to function properly. If you have been diagnosed with heart disease of any kind than take control with an individualized exercise program to address all your limitations. 

Dynamic Exercise program involving

  • Aerobic training

  • Strengthening

  • Balance

  • Stretching

  • Activity Specific Training

We monitor Blood Pressure, Cardiac Rhythm ECG, Weight, and Blood Sugar.

We also specialize in addressing joint and muscle pain. We can address joint restrictions and will design a program to address your dysfunction. 


We also address other contributing factors including:

  •      High Blood Pressure

  •      Elevated Cholesterol

  •      Smoking

  •      Diabetes

  •      Inactivity 

  •      Stress


Addressing any of the above factors with proper behavior strategies will add to your success story. 

Gym Workout

Benefits of the Program

Woman Looking at View

Weight Management

Emotional Support 

Diabetes Management

Smoking Cessation

Stress Control

Improvement in Depression 

Lower Cholesterol

Healthy Diet Consulting

Breath Control Management

Energy Conservation

Cardio PT provides the basics of cardiac rehab with a highly individualized program to address more then your heart. You and your cardiologist will be love the results.

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