What to Expect

Initial Evaluation

This is the first visit with your physical therapist. A complete evaluation of your cardiac status and overall body assessment will be completed on this visit.  Your care will be initiated and a plan put into place to address your cardiac risk factors, physical limitations, and recommendations for other interdisciplinary services if needed. Following the evaluation, we will establish a specific individualized program. 
Checking Blood Pressure


Once a program is established, then we will put into action, a progressive monitored exercise program using various exercise strategies. Treatment will also incorporate any musculoskeletal or balance limitations.
During these sessions, we will address all the factors that contribute to cardiovascular health. 
Senior Physiotherapy

A referral from your physician is not required  

NYS Physical Therapy guidelines allow therapists to treat without a referral although we do encourage a prescription. We will communicate with the provider of interest in order to coordinate the best possible treatment. We are able to  evaluate and divert any inappropriate patient to the proper medical provider.