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Pulmonary Program

People that suffer from pulmonary disease find themselves short of breath even in the simplest of tasks. Being unable to breath can cause anxiety and can be very exhausting. A physical therapy pulmonary rehab program can address all that's needed to improve your function. YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR LIFE EVEN WITH PULMONARY DISEASE!

You can feel HELPLESS

With our guidance, you can improve your endurance, strength and breathing. 

Learn how to breath using continuous oxygen monitoring. Learn how to  conserve energy and strengthen specific muscle groups to improve your activity tolerance. 

Our Monitored Dynamic Exercise program involves:

  • Aerobic training 

  • Strengthening

  • Balance

  • Stretching

  • Activity Specific Training

We also address other contributing factors including:

  •      Proper inhaler usage

  •      Smoking

  •      Diabetes

  •      Inactivity 

  •      Stress

  • ​     Orthopedic Issues​


Addressing any of the above factors with proper behavior strategies will add to your success story.

Kundalini Yoga Outside

Benefits of the Program

Weight Management

Emotional Support 

Diabetes Management

Smoking Cessation

Stress Control

Improvement in Depression 

Healthy Diet Consulting

Breath Control Management

Energy Conservation

Our innovative program combines the best of traditional pulmonary rehab with modern technologies and evidence-based strategies to provide an effective and personalized plan tailored to each individual. With our program, patients see the results in half the time. Again this is not Pulmonary Rehab, it's much more.

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