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When I walked into rehab, I was full of uncertainty. Uncertainty as to my mortality, if I could get back into shape and what rehab was all about. Jeremy welcomed me in and walked me through the process, how each machine worked, it's purpose and why I was exercising on it. He coached me, pushed me through the tough days and cheered on my victories as I could see and feel that I was getting stronger and back to my old self, every day.


​Coming to you has given me a life jacket of acceptance and encouragement. A cable to grab onto of tools and knowledge I needed to learn. You did not carry  me up the cliff but rather taught me how to climb. I will forever be grateful. I feel myself becoming physically fit and strong. I now have an increased desire to live!


Jeremy is excellent at rebuilding the strength and endurance that I lost after heart surgery. I highly recommend him


I worked with Jeremy for a three months. He is a very patient therapist and gives very clear explanations. He helped me rebuild my strength after a surgery I had. I highly recommend him.


My wife and I have been rehabbing with Jeremy for cardio and physical therapy. I have to say that he’s the best therapist I have ever worked with. If your looking for someone for therapy then we would suggest Jeremy from Cardio Physical Therapy, in fact in the near future I’m having a hip replacement and he’s the therapist I will be using. He simply the best we’ve ever used before and it’s all one on one care.
Thank you for your help Jeremy.


I can recommend Jeremy unequivocally as an expert in cardio pulmonary diagnosis and corrective action.

Mr. Conway

When did you realize that your program was helping your condition?
When I could walk to my car without a walker. 
Would you recommend Cardio Physical Therapy to someone in your family?
I would recommend Cardio Physical Therapy to family and all my                          friends that need therapy. 
Are there any other details you would like to share?
Jeremy Is one of the kindest, caring person I've met. Thanks!!!


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