I am a sixty year old male who recently had a heart attack. The attack lead me to have open heart surgery. About 5 weeks post-op, I was fortunate enough to start cardio rehab with Jeremy Voorhees.


When I walked into rehab, I was full of uncertainty. Uncertainty as to my mortality, if I could get back into shape and what rehab was all about. Jeremy welcomed me in and walked me through the process, how each machine worked, it's purpose and why I was exercising on it. He coached me, pushed me through the tough days and cheered on my victories as I could see and feel that I was getting stronger and back to my old self, every day.


I don't ever want to be in a position to go through cardiac rehab again, but if I ever have to, I'd want to do to with Jeremy, I cannot say enough good things about him and on top of it, he's a nice guy too!


I can not thank you enough for the support and encouragement I received. Also for the kindness and sharing of knowledge that I will always carry with me. I honestly felt I was entering a safe and friendly zone here at rehab. You took care of me and watched over me with so much sincerity.

​Coming to you has given me a life jacket of acceptance and encouragement. A cable to grab onto of tools and knowledge I needed to learn. You did not carry  me up the cliff but rather taught me how to climb. I will forever be grateful. I feel myself becoming physically fit and strong. I now have an increased desire to live!

No waiting at all, personalized training program with one on one supervision. Jeremy is excellent at rebuilding the strength and endurance that I lost after heart surgery. I highly recommend him

Very pleasant, organized and helpful. Great job Jeremy!!!!!

Jeremy Voorhees is an excellent practitioner in the area of cardio rehabilitation most notably for my condition after a serious Covid 19 infection attacked my lungs with pneumonia. I worked with Jeremy at his facility in Amherst, NY where he utilized his expertise with diagnosing my problems and provided various exercises and physical functions while he observed, measured and charted my progress in the vital functions of pulse oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate as I performed with varying intensity of the movements and the level of oxygen needed to support my damaged lungs. After ten sessions I had improved 60% better than on first day of assessment. I can recommend Jeremy unequivocally as an expert in cardio pulmonary diagnosis and corrective action.

When did you realize that your program was helping your condition?
When I could walk to my car without a walker. 
Would you recommend Cardio Physical Therapy to someone in your family?
I would recommend Cardio Physical Therapy to family and all my                          friends that need therapy. 
Are there any other details you would like to share?
Jeremy Is one of the kindest, caring person I've met. Thanks!!!


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